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It’s been so long
That I didn’t hold my pen
Just waiting & thinking what to write & when

Waiting for something to hit me hard
So I burn down the pages & Start the spark!
It seem ages But
Tonite I start
Blowing the heat off
This is what I got

I’m stuck between life
Smile, Surprise!
Sad & depressed
Don’t know why!

People ask-
MAN! What made you  the way you are?
Lies & The scares
Greedy teeth, Blood & The war!
Destruction non- stop!
Collision of thoughts

Deal with Me now!
Can you get my thoughts!
Closed in a jar!
Hidden in the memories
Blowing my mind Like retard

All is fake! You buy my words
When I’m stuffing cake
A nut case!

Deal With Me!
I don’t think you got what it takes!

Deal With Me!
I’m the captain
This is the pirate bay

Deal With Me!
House always wins the game!

Deal With Me!
I Feel lucky today!
I will burn down the page!

Deal With Me!
I’m insane!

Trick up my sleeves
Here’s the royal flush
Can you beat me!

Remember my name!
It takes courage to be brave!

Deal With Me!
I got what it takes!

Deal With Me

Deal With Me


Written by A.P

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