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Behind The Curtain!
Making Plans
On Earth A Burden!
Making Plans Of Hurting

Someone Who Is Good For Nothing!
Diabolical Forces Working
Sketching Evil Plans
And Smirking!
Convincing Everyone To Trust Him!

But Inside Evil Flourishing
Always Coming Up With Something
Portraying As If He Is Actually Helping!
Behind Greed And Ego He Is Lurking!

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing!
Always Hiding Behind
Messing With Everyone’s Mind!
Convincing People To Come And Join
And Justifying

Like, It’s Alright And Justified
To Go Eye For Eye
That’s How Devil Strike
Showing People He Is On Their Side
Devil In Disguise!

If You Ask Him- Why?
He Got A Reply And Will Clearly Deny
That In The End
It’s Not Him
But You Who Get To Finally Choose And Decide!

He Shows You Option!
And It’s Upto You If You Ever Wanna Exercise!
That’s How Devil Hides!
“Real eyes, Realize, Real lies”
― Tupac Shakur

Devil In Disguise

Devil In Disguise


Written by A.P

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