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A life of lies
Man behind dark glasses
A smile to hide
Real me burned in the ashes

Dark of night!
Lying awake for next morning
Sun light!
& Here it Shines –

Show me the real side!
Why you hiding?
Show me your eyes!
Back from a crime?
Then why you disgusted?

Killed someone did you!
Or things not going as planned it would!
Whatever happens,
Happens for good!

Today failure tomorrow know as experience
No shame,  No negligence, &

On the shoulders  the burden,
Makes me
Stronger & Stronger !
Struggle to achieve that’s the procedure!

I never forget to dream !
Dream  of my path I need
Path towards Success
There’s no stopping the machine!

Won’t stop till I achieve
No food I need!
All for dream I can forget everything!

Die Trying

Die Trying


Written by A.P

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