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It’s So Fucking Hysterical
Let Me Give You A Lyrical
We Say God Created The Universe
It’s All So Mystical
Who Created The Humans And The Earth

It’s All So Tailor Made
And What Is Fate?
Why Are Gods Doings Always Up For Debate!?
God Wanted Love
But It Seems Humans Want To Nurture Hate

That’s Why
Divide And Rule System We Generate
For Ages Same Way We Behaved

Marking Territory
Hosting Flags For Glory
But Still Preaching God Stories

In Prayers We Sing All Are One!
But After National Anthems
Why Do We Loads Our Guns?

Killing In Wars People Of Different Regions
Why They Get Upset With Each Other
Gods Of Different Religions?
All Said Earth Is One
Nationality Say Believe It And
It’s A Treason

But Wait!
What Did God Say?
To Be Rude?
And Kill The One Who Doesn’t Give Into You?
If He Sings Different National Anthem
We Should Not Think And Just Shoot!

Wasn’t It About What Would Jesus Do?
It’s Hysterical
We Preach The Teaching Of The Gods
To Divide And Rule

Believing In Gods
Who Said
No One Is Different
Me Or You!

Divide And Rule

Divide And Rule


Written by A.P

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