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Don’t Lose Sleep
It All Comes When We Need
Thinking In The Mind
Always On Repeat

Suffocating Defeat
By Thoughts We Breathe
Thinking The Same We The Human Beings
Either Of Point A Or Point B
Aren’t We Losing Precious Time In Between?

When We Can Go Places And Do Things
But We Prefer Non Stop Thinking
Eyes Open Not Even Blinking
Non Stop Questioning

Brain Speaks Needlessly
Word To The Wise- Leave It Be!
The Disturbing Picture
Why Don’t We Leave The Scene?

Living In Loathing And Self Pity
And Asking Why Me?
Brain Chatters Negatively
And World Seems Mean

That’s The Devil And His Schemes
Why Few Try To Act Supreme?
Occupying Being With Needless Greed
Material Goods Keeps On Rising
And People Fall Cheap

Needless It All Seem
Don’t Lose Sleep
Over Opinion Of Sheep
Brain The Machine

Be Careful Of What It Speaks
It Creates Ones Belief
It Effects Ones Mind Set
Can Leave One in Grief

It Needs Silence
And Just Lie There In Peace
Be There And Breathe
A Tiger Doesn’t lose Sleep
Over Opinion Of Sheep

Z Z ZZ!!

Don't Lose Sleep

Don’t Lose Sleep


Written by A.P

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