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Determination And Pumped Up Veins!
Have You Got What It Takes?
Or Your Confidence Shakes
And All Ends In Vain

Or Can You Carry On
Cultivating That Pain
Taking The Best Out Of It!
You Future And Reality Is Yours To Shape!

You Wanna Prove?
You Wanna Change?
You Wanna Be The Very Best!
You Wanna Be Brave?

Do You Quit?
Or Ask For Breaks!
Or Are You So Engaged
That You Wake Up Early
And Go On Till Very Late!

How You Start Your Day?
With Goals To Meet
And Barriers To Break
Ahead From Yesterday!

Are You Up For Challenge
Are You Game?
Your Demon You Have To Face
Are You Afraid!?

Finish What You Started
It’s Never Too Late!
Remember Why You Started
In The First Place!

You Are Here To Prove To Self, Not Others!
Your Pain Do You Embrace?
Giving You The Push
To Finish The Race!




Written by A.P

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