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I have it in me!
The attitude of living
I felt & enjoyed everything!

I have it in me!
Amazing energy within!
Again i am tiered of smiling for everything!

Sometimes Energy hits out of no where!
Sometimes depressed for nothing!
That’s life I’m Talking!

Enthusiastic for every second,  Every second I’m enjoying!
Simple yet Jumbled life!
Zero to infinity
Somethings are not defined!

Headbanging life yet peaceful mind
A Silent smile
Out of no where i am laughing
Something hits & again I am crying!
That’s life not defined!

Dramatic path towards dead end
Yet exciting!
How to take a reverse is in my mind
Go back to being small & start again  enjoying!

That what goes on the entire life!
& I feel like enjoying it all the time

I am gonna live only one time!
Life after death again not defined
Enjoying both THE Smile & THE Cry
What a dramatic life!





Written by A.P

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