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Countries  never fought,
People never died.
Corruption was never there..
It was all just a lie.

The moment I open my eyes,
There is only gonna be peace & harmony.
No world crisis to lead towards misery..
I think it’s all just a Dream!

May be all the guns ever manufactured,
All will malfunction,
& The ammunition  will never get the chance to leave their shell!

All  just  a dream,
& soon I’m gonna open my eyes to reality!
Dreaming Of Heaven And Waking Into Hell
Not Comfortable To See

All these fight with nature..
No more cutting of trees
To make way for new cities.
Starvation & Agony,Burning inside the people’s body never polluted any country!

May be all this is just a Dream!
We never discriminated anybody,
No matter which color or which caste it may have been!
We all walked Hand By Hand respecting each other feelings..
We never lived to see other die or cry in misery,
When we will open our eyes..
Sun will be shining brightly
& we will be smiling with everybody!

May be this all is Dream,
Should I open my eyes to Reality or just carry on to Sleep?
May be reality will never be as good as it sometimes seems..
There’s devil in every action &
This Devil never gonna Leave!
Let the Dream Carry On & let me just Sleep!

This life is Beautiful &
We are stealing everything away from it!
& When we All Wake Up!
Things might start to Change…
Trying hard to gain…Conscious!
But I’m deep in Sleep &
I’m comfortable behind my Close eye Lids!

let me just Sleep
Reality just makes me wanna Scream..

All Just A Dream

All Just A Dream


Written by A.P

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