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You drive away from me tonight
I try to hold you in my sight
I try to stop
I try to chase the signs

But you no longer feel that you should be mine
So you drive away from me tonight

You pack your bags
& Says leave me be
I try to ask
I beg & I plead

I ask the questions
No longer I can sleep
It gets harder & harder
As i try to breathe

Come back please
I need you to be with me
To hold me
& say there’s nothing wrong you see
I’m here & Always Be!

But you pack your bags
& Leave me alone in the house
As the night falls
My shadow shouts

It leaves me too
It disappears in the dark
I feel numb
You was all I got
Now I don’t know what to believe & what to not

Pain consumes
& Nothing seems good enough
Won’t you wait?Won’t you listen up?

I don’t get it
Where did we turn wrong?
Was I not there?
Was I not holding on?

You pack your bags
& Says leave me be…
I no longer know what to believe

You drive away from me tonight
You don’t look back
But i still look for signs
Where we went wrong?
Where I lost you as mine?

But you drive away
All I see is back light
In the night
I think I never will be fine..

I Go out in night trying to locate you
Love is selfish, Love is needy,
Love is jealous…So true!

Don’t know what to do..
But to chase you..
Night light fades
& Day’s  too!!

Drive Away

Drive Away


Written by A.P


coral rose

My feelings are usually a little easier to handle when I know that other people have felt the same way, but not this time. It makes me sad, (and so effing mad!), that heartbreak is even a thing. Not fair. Anonymous, I hope you’re feeling okay. ❤


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