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In Order To Write
You Drink Till You Get High
You Drink Your Feelings
Feelings That Absorbs
Cause You Are Alive

That Is You Cry
You Smile
Whatever You Feel And Why

You Don’t Hide Behind Your Words
You Kill The Charade
The Disguise
Every Word Let It Revel Your Voice

Sound Drunk And A Stupid Human
Intoxicated With Emotions
Who Says You Need Cannabis And Alcohol?
You Drink Your Feelings
And You Drink It All!

You Start With Whatever You Can Recall
Hold The Pen
And You Jot
And Let It Fall

Fall On The Sheets
Pour It Out
Times That Made You Weep
The Days You Lost Your Sleep

To You What Does This Life Means?
Be Willing To Sound Naive
Let Your Voice Come Alive
On The Sheets

Drink Your Emotions
And Be Mean
A Mean Drunk
You Write What You Feel

You Fight The Silence And You Reveal
Anger, Rage
Let It All Scream
You Pen Down Your Feelings

You Should Completely Lose It
Be Tripping
Be Stupid

Like Wine
You Keep Your Emotions Bottled For A While
You Let It Age
In A Cold Dark Cage
Under Surface
Later When Poured On The Page
It Will Produce Smooth Fine Taste

In Order To Write
You Need To Be High
High With The Feelings
That Says You Are Alive
And Tripping With Life
You Feeling The Time Passing By

Mean Drunk

Mean Drunk


Written by A.P

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