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There’s Elephant In The Room
And No One Talking About What Or Who!
To Whom It May Concern
I’m Talking To You!

Changes In The Environment And Wars!
Cause Changes In Laws, Crony Capitalism And Corporate Loot!
We Constantly Ignoring The Clues!
We Should Talk Now!
It’s Long Due!

Isn’t It True
It’s Rising- The Level Of CO2
Glaciers Melting
Sea Level Rising Too!

Oil Prices Through Roof
Killing For Resources, Fuel And Crude
Religion And Fear Being Used
Opinion Controlled By Media And News
We Used As Tool!

Don’t Violate Chain Of Command And Rules!
Go Kill Them All – Move-Move-Move!!
Remember Redemption Will Be The Fruit!
Cause Our God Being Abused
And They Challenged Our Views
Killing With Excuse!

When Every Religion Teaches Love
Why Is It Important
Which God We Choose?
Why Questioning Back Is Taboo?

When Wars Can Be Funded
Why Poor Can’t Be Given Food?
Isn’t Ignoring Rude?
Ignorance Ain’t Bliss You Fools!

Everyone Busy Saying-
There’s Nothing We Can Do!
We Are Few!
Talk About It
Educate Yourself- Understood??

Don’t Stand There Mute
We Can Stop It
And Correct It All
When We Clearly See Through!

Standing There For So Long!
Elephant Is Bruised
Elephant In The Room
Started To Poop!!

Elephant In The Room

Elephant In The Room


Written by A.P

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