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Speak Right
Speak The Truth
Even If Your Voice Shakes

Muster The Courage
Be Brave
If We Won’t Speak
Soon It Will Be Too Late

Don’t Follow The Lead
Of Hate
Crank Up Your Voice
Create A Wave!

Truth When Out It Will Destroy And Shake
For Whatever Your Belief May Be
The Truth Don’t Care
Corrupted System To Be Blamed

Let The Truth Prevail
Speak The Truth
Even If Your Voice Shakes

They Want Wars And Crimes
People In Borders Brain Washed
And Given Commands To Die
They Control The Mind

They Afraid Of The People
Who Speak
And It’s Your Right

Against The Wrong Being Done
Get Up And Fight
We Been Oppressed And Controlled
Throughout The Life

Behind The Law And Enforcement
They Hide
By Killing Million In Wars
What They Plan To Derive?

Why Won’t They Make Peace?
Why Won’t They Let Us Unite?
Wasn’t It All About Peace?
Which In Wars They Find

We Been Brain Washed And Forced To Turn Blind
With Misinformation They Misguide
And Divide
They Mislead And Attack
Economies Sense Of Fear And Pride

The Tragedy
In Name Of Truth We Been Lied
They Brain Wash
Even If People Deny

Safe In Their Mansions
Giving Order And Making Plans
Won’t People See And Say?
Is It That Hard To Understand?

They Wanna Rule The Masses And The Land
Why Let Them Divide Us In Different Clans?
Aren’t We One Big Family
Of Children, Woman And Man

Isn’t It- Divided We Fall
And United We Stand!





Written by A.P

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