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For Money, Is Not What I Look For
For Material, Is Not On Which I Thrive
Truth Is What I Adore
For Soul, It Brings Meaning To My Life

For What Past Has Done Doesn’t Matter
For Future, Is Yet To Arrive
Living In The Present “THE NOW”
Is Living Under Divine Light

For What Will Happen Who Knows
But How I React Is Mine
My Beliefs And Thoughts I Own
My Consciousness Shapes My Sight

Energy Travels
In The Field We Live
It’s All About Vibrations And Vibes
To Each Other We Should Give
With A Smile

How I Think Is Important
For My Thoughts It Shapes My Reality
It’s All My Consciousness
A Fight With Self
It Can Be Empathy Or Brutality

For What I Think Will Happen
I Should Think Carefully
For My Thoughts Are Physical
It Attracts The Universe
No One Else Have The Power To Decide

It’s Me
And My Thoughts
It’s Me
Giving Meaning To All

It’s Me
But We Are All One
I’m The Shiva And Shakti
My Consciousness Is On Which Things Function





Written by A.P

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