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What Is This?
The Eternal Question
With Which We Live
Always Trying To Find
What Is The Gist?

The Past We Lived
Why We Did It?
Is It Curse Or A Gift?
The Endlessly We Think!

What Stops Us From Making It Big?
Isn’t Mind Over Matter
A Real Thing!
When Will Time Shift?

Do We Really Get What We Give?
Today In Grief, Tomorrow In Bliss
Are We Alone In This Universe?
Or Is It Just A Myth?
Did Any Sign We Missed?

The Eternal Question
What Is This?
Why War? Why Not Peace?
Why human Filled With Sorrow, Agony, Apathy And Grief?

What Is It Mean
Being You And Me?
Are We Fulfilling A Purpose
By Being A Human Being?

Why Do We Dream?
Do Sages Tell The Truth
Or Is It All Make Believe?

Was There Any God?
Why All The Greed?
Why Do People Get Killed In The Streets?
Where Is The Relief?

Why The Hatred
And Killing Schemes?
Petrol And Money
Is This All What We Need?

If Ego Is A Trap
Then When Will We Be Free?
Then We Were Blind
Now Can We See?

Can We Control What And How We Feel?
Did We Really Evolve From The Monkeys?
Or Was There An Adam And Eve?
What Is The Reality Of Genesis?

Einstein And Tesla
How They Became Such Geniuses?
When We Die
Do We Come Back?
Or Go To The Eternal Sleep?

Why The Illuminati
Don’t Wanna Treat Others Equally?
Why Calling Them Sheep?
What Ever They Make, They Can’t Even Keep?
They Die So Will We!

The Soul And Spirit
A Heaven And Hell
Why Is It?
We Want, Still Won’t Call For Help
Everyone Wants There Presence To Be Felt!

The Eternal Question
What It Is?
Answer- It Is What It Is!

Eternal Question

Eternal Question


Written by A.P

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