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I Figured It out!
When In Moment Of Doubt
Slowly Breathe In – Slowly Breathe Out!
Silence The Mind Which Constantly Shouts

Be The Witness Of Thoughts Crying Out Loud
Dwell In Silence And Answers Can Be Found
Ask Yourself – What I Need To Do To Turn Things Around?
How Can I Live In Now?

Hear The Peaceful Breathing Sound
Now Is Peaceful But Doubts Are Aroused
By The Mind Murder Screams
And Thoughts Over Cloud

Mind Needs To Be Silenced
I Figured It Out
What It’s All About-

Silence And Live!
Before We Take, We Should Give
Truth Will Always Win
As We Think, So Will Vibe, Vibration Bring!

It All Starts Within
Think Before Believe
When In Doubt Peacefully Breathe
And We Will Be Relieved

From Prison Of Mind And Make Believe
We Need Not Be A Sheep
Wake Up And Don’t Sleep
Overcome The Greed

The Ego Drowns One Deep
Material Love Can Be Cheap
Things We Will Make
But Never Keep

We Need Not Be A Hypocrite
Always Strive To Be A Better Human Being
I Figured Out What We Need!




Written by A.P

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