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Leave No Dream Behind
We All Gonna Die
Keep On Going
Keep On The Fight

How You Gonna Survive?
You Are Not Gonna Eventually
But You Will Leave Your Vibes

The One Who Never Gave Up
The One Who When Wakes
All The Devil Runs And Hide
And Never Caved

Leave No Dream Behind
What You Scared Of?
What You Thinking?
Life Is Ending
So Just Stop Blinking

Look Sharp
Fight Hard
You Do Or Do Not
What Is Missing?

It’s Clicking Anyway
Time Is Limited For All
And No You Not Gonna Stay

But You Are Gonna Be “Immortal”
If You Took No Regrets To The Grave
If You Fought Hardship
And Never Break

Fighting Day And Night
Making Your Way
Leave No Dream Behind
What You Fear?
Be Brave!

Be The Immortal
Body Will Die
But People Will Praise And Say

You Did Great
You Worked Your Way
You Accomplished Your Dreams

“IMMORTAL” Will Be Your Name




Written by A.P

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