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All I do is believe
Now that’s a lie
Actually I’m deceiving me
Now This is fine,

I Live in my own world
I love to fly
Hi! I’m superman!

Oh no my underpants
They too tight
Getting high
Shit, where do I adjust
Away from eyes!

I show off like hero
But actually I’m lonely & love deprive
Stuck in time

I got knowledge, The power, The charming smile
I ain’t no shy
I’m here!!
I will make the villains  cry
From this day forward
There shall be no horror,
People – people see I can fly!

Oh no is it the kryptonite ?
Mother Father I want you back in life!
Where do I adjust?
It hurts alright!

Hi! I’m batman!
I wear the mask
I fight bad people, In the dark!
I got big empire
& A caring butler
Robbin my friend !

Where’s my girl friend ?
Why can’t I lover her?
She’s with me & Yet far away!
I might turn into gay someday

My side kick is a boy
This sounds sad as I say!
Joker is the best part of my life
& His crazy ways

Hi! I’m Hulk
I turn green
& Double my size
& All I do is scream
I jump high

Climb Buildings & Throw tanks
I got my issues
But I can’t figure out how to deal with them!

Hi! I’m human
I cry everyday
I got Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo messenger
& I cry & I Cry & I cry ! On every social network
This is new age!

I got expectation problems
I expect too much!
I live in my own fantasy world
Please give me a hug!

She left me, He left me!
She cheated, He did it again
Going circles everyday

Everyone got problems
You not alone
Better control
Try to be bold

Superman, batman
The great hulk, All stuck in their world
Don’t call for help
Help Yourself!


Everyone Got Them!

Everyone Got Them!


Written by A.P

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