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Everything has it’s price
Love pays it’s price
Hate pays it’s price

Everything comes with time
Learn with time
Realize with time

Everything Seem pre-planned
But can’t be defined
Everything has it’s reason..

Destined to be someplace?
God & everything works out in mysterious ways

Science can’t define magic of destiny & time
It’s never been described

All these chemical in mind & blood flow
Once attitude, Others ego
One might say hold to your thought  & another let it go!
Some say  sweet &
Some say I can’t handle it anymore

Some seem interested & someone seem bored
Some believe in horoscope & some don’t!
But all are same human beings with 206 bones
How easy to be confused…no!?

Some say soul mates  & some say how lame!
There’s never one single say..
People change & learn their way!

Human evolve.
I am miles away
But I can still feel how you feel it
& It’s all about learning!

Started from single cell organism
& Now grown into complex mechanism

Animal & life cycles..
Why is everything mysterious about this!

Why were you born?
Why on earth?
Why a human?

How would it be to enjoy someone else life…
But still see from your own eyes

It’s going somewhere but
I don’t know where’s the end!
Learn from books & you called smart
Learn with time & you called experienced





Written by A.P

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