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Why We Do
What We Do!
Do You Have The Answers
Got Any Clue?

Repeating The Same Old
Like A Fool!
And Hoping Just May Be
The Results Will Be Something New
Out Of Blue!

We Think About The Change
But With Habits And Belief
We Are Chained
Repeating The Same Old
Again And Again

Waiting To Gain
From Same Old Mistakes
Now That’s Insane!
But Unwilling To Wake
Unwilling To Reshape!

Self Satisfying Excuses We Make!
And Start Believing Make Believe And Fake
May Be That Was It

I Got The Reason For My Failure
Listen To What I Have To Say-
You See Now
That’s Why Things Are Getting Delayed

I Will Be There
So What If I’m Late
With Excuses We Are Satisfied And Caged!
Excuses Are Easy Way Out Than To Face The Reality And Take The Blame!

In The Process We Make It Our Base
Truth Being- Repeated Efforts Are Too Hard To Maintain!
Remember What Ever You Do
Excuses Are Lame!

Excuse Me!

Excuse Me!


Written by A.P

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