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Don’t give up!

Don’t see the world as it’s shown
Behind the painting is the world unknown
Don’t you wanna see it? Don’t you wanna know?
It might feel scary
But don’t give up!!
Go where you wanna go……

Don’t believe words, They might be lies
In each word two meaning hides..
Everything can’t be defined..
Judge through actions
& Everything will be justified
Emotions might leave you High & Dry

But don’t you stop at a point
Go my dear…Run towards the sky,
Go beyond reasons..
Go & Enjoy the life!!

Whatever comes your way, Don’t you deny!
Open your arms…
Welcome the light & Hug it tight!
Good or Bad, Enjoy the sight!

Surely you will touch the sky..
If you willing to give it a try!
Tear down the wall,
Which stops you all the time.

Go my dear…Explore reasons to smile!
For what you wait?
For who you cry?
Nothing is permanent..
From whom you shy?
Don’t you believe lies..
See beyond what is shown..
& You will find the world which hides…

You can walk on water
You can touch the sky
If you just!
If you just give it a try!

Go beyond safety
& Go beyond reasons to live life…

There’s stairway to heaven
Your conscious will help you find
&Your  WILL is  your guide.

Sun will listen to you
Wind will talk to you
Speak with your eyes
Stand up for self,
Stand up for Wrong & Right

Go beyond reasons!
Give your love, Give everyone your smile!
It’s scary but wonderful life…

Go & Explore..
Who knows..
What all secret it holds…




Written by A.P

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