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Let Somebody Else Deal With That
All We Care Is Profit
Never Enough We Had

Consume Resources, Produce Goods
Destroy Nature
And kill Everything If You Could

It’s About Loyalty To Customers
And Investors
Anything Else Is Not Our Motive
So Who Cares If It Gets Fucked Up!

Our Share Price Should Be Up
Our Goodwill Should Shine

Our Cost Should Be Minimum

We Will Exploit
It’s All About Figures In Books
Even If Society Declines

Cut Trees, Pollute The Water
Kill Animals
For Profit It’s Justified Slaughter

It’s Externalities
Let Somebody Else Deal With That
We Are Incorporated Bodies
With No Moral And Soul
Just Profit And Profit More

We Are SO DEEP Into The System
Who We Kidding? We Are The Ones Running It
Government Is Just The PUPPET
We Are The Ones Controlling Strings
We Could Do Anything We Want
If You Know What I Mean!

All The Policies And Plan
It’s All About Controlling Man

So We Don’t Get The Blame
For The Wrongs We Done
That’s Why We Don’t Feel The Shame

Hide Behind The Body
Of No Spirit And Soul
No Flesh And Bones
A Person In Piece Of Paper Takes Control
All We Care Is Money And Nothing More

A Person Who Don’t Have To Deal With The Consequences
Of Decisions He Made
He Must Feel Really Safe

People Dead, Animal Slaughter
It’s Our Debt
To Our Investors

We Owe Them The Profit
And Consequences ?
Let Somebody Else Deal With It
Our Work Here Is Finished

Let’s Incorporate
So We Feel Safe
No Actual Person To Blame
What Worst Could Happen?
Is We Liquidate

Then We Will Turn Up Again
Burn Our Old Books
Get Our Clean Slate
Play The Same Game
With Change In Name




Written by A.P

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