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Messed Up! I Know It Sucks!
Stuck! Hate The Word!
Whatever You Do, Hold Your Nerves!
Moto Is To Never Give Up!

Take a bow with pride,
Welcome to the fight with life!
Fight against your conscious..
Everyone gets clobbered!

It’s about going the extra mile after hitting the wall!
Just get up & Shake it off!
A Silent mouth & A talking heart
It Hurts? So, What…
What Does not?

You are destruction…One who is feared
& You ashamed to get up?
How much justice does it serve? Non!
It’s a battlefield & Your opponent is the world!

A crazy ride in the lonely night!
A silent smile when you wanna cry!
Big gestures & Small memories…
Crazy rides & no Back seat !
This is life & It’s all about making Big Leaps !

All About the fights & Extra effort!
Feeling fucked still smiling with pleasure
It’s all about little more effort!

You not there all alone..

Standing in the ring with your shadow & nothing more!
Bell just rang! So, Start the fight!
Hit the devil hard! & Hit Him from left & right!
God is your coach! He is your eyes!
Free yourself from embarrassment of any kind !!

It’s fight of your life!
Just a little more effort & awaits for you loads of surprise!
Life all about “Effort & Smile”

It is what it is!
So what if first blow you received!?
He will be one to get knocked out!
Take it all out & Just shout!

It’s about Pride & Glory!
Take out your Agony & make it Gory!
Blood & Violence !
My Attitude is my silence!
Give what they deserve!
& Hold your nerves..
It’s all about extra effort, When you feel like to give up!

I’m never gonna give up! All I have is my effort…
& I’m not a quitter!

Extra Effort

Extra Effort


Written by A.P

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