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Facing The Music
Today Or Tomorrow
Try But Can’t Escape It
It’s Karma Delivering The Comeuppance

Why It Is?
Cause Of Wrong You Committed
And Not Accepting
You Will Be Served

Even If Try Rejecting
Believe It Ir Not
There’s No Escaping
It’s All Dealt With

You Will Have To Face
It’s Your Music
You Are Writing It Everyday
Even As You Speak

These Are Your Riffs
You Are The Conductor
You Taking It In A Direction
As You Wished

Do You Always Take And Never Give?
Good Or Bad
It’s All About What You Did

It’s Your Symphony
Waving The Baton As You Please
Actions Create It All And Belief
What Do You Believe?

It All Adds Up To The Theme
It’s Your Masterpiece
Agree Or Disagree
Will Have To Listen It All

Every Single Beat
You Will Face The Music
What You Did, When You Live!
Volume Increased

Do You Lie Out Loud?
Someone Who Just Shouts
You Will Face The Music
Without A Doubt
Will You Be Able To Hear It Out?

Karma It Listen And Always Around
It’s Not A Tough Crowd
It’s All About What You Create
These Are Your Sounds

When You Live On Earth
Make it Worth
Be The Beethoven
Create What Forever Will Be Heard
Create More Love!

Face The Music

Face The Music


Written by A.P

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