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What if emotions are gone!?
Then what will be left to see!
How about we all wear robotic arm?
There will be no sense of touch & feel!

What if we be practical about everything,
You wanna count everything on Profit & loss basis?

What if we don’t even know what it feels like to be Happy,
Sad or cry in misery!
What if we be able to erase our every memory!

Answer –  WHY WE LIVING?

If we don’t know how it feels
To be scared, depressed, enthusiastic or energetic
How do we plan to learn anything ?

No mistakes – No growth
& Every movement of our life same?
Don’t talk insane!

It’s like Watching opposite sex naked without curiosity!
Feelings are what everyone needs
To be what one wants to be,

Without Excitement, Without feeling low or high,
Without sacrifice ,
Without  love..There ain’t no life!

No Butterfly in belly
Tell me again- WHY ARE WE LIVING?

All will be machines
Left-Right- Left-Right

Working around the clock
This is not what I need
I need to feel, I need to scream
Without emotions it ain’t any good for me

No one will run or jump
There won’t be any feeling of pride
No shame in eyes – people will kill
& No one will hide

All the  feelings are  must for living
I need to know what you thinking


Feel To Live

Feel To Live


Written by A.P

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