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Lets get ready to Rumble!!

All what runs deep
I carry the rage within
Start the bout!
I’m gonna give in everything!

Waited & Waited long enough to start
Now I hear the bell..
I Will show you what I got!
A mistake from your side & You pay it’s price
I’m cautious! It’s gonna be alright!

I came with motto to fight!
So just start!! I can go all night!

I see the faces they don’t scare me!
Scares Rage me!
All I’m holding within
It’s coming out!

I’m not scared of anything!
This is just the first round!
Got plenty more to go
Winner takes all!

The one who stands all the way!
I’m not willing to fall!
A hard session
& I been training for long!

Now is time to be mentally strong

Concentration towards my goal!
It ain’t for you..You should know!
All what I learned
I’m gonna apply today
Nothing gonna stop me!
Champion all the way!

I learned new technique it’s called defending oneself
Let the opponent run & be out of breath!
Then comes punch on the head.

You see!
It’s all about growing with time
Last time it was yours this time
It’s mine!

Bring the best of you!
I won’t stand on back foot
Eye for an Eye!
Lets burn this brotherhood!

All I see is you
& Victory behind you
You gonna be knocked out
This what I decided to do!

Not gonna lose
I made up my mind
I’m standing till last
Ya! You heard it alright!
I’m standing till I win
Or Till I Die!

I see a missile
It’s falling in slow!
Ka boom!
Where did everyone go??

I got more fire works
I got plenty more to show
I ain’t stopping this fire!
This how I roll!

All pumped up & ready for every moment
Intense or mellow
I won’t let this go..
Strike me! Go-Go-Go!!

This is game for monopoly
Everyone rolling dice
Everyone with equal opportunity
Everyone waiting for this
So Many possibilities !

No point hiding in dark
Come under the sun
Come under the radar

Show me what you got
Feel the heat
& Fight back hard!

I’m doing this for me!
Don’t care if you a defending champion
Songs running in my head
& Power to not give up!

Anger in veins, Come & fight!
Let’s go insane…I wanna feel this pain!

Lets go war & Lets go nuts!
Fight head on
Show me some guts!

Put on your hook
I will make my way out
Not gonna tap!
You can’t make me feel drowned!

Eyes popping out
Fighting the last round!
Tiered still “WILL” is strong!
Body wants to quit But I will go on!

I won!
It’s my battleground!
I won!
Amazing it sounds!
I won!
& World spins around!

Fight Night

Fight Night


Written by A.P

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