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Will You Come Find Me?
In This Vast World
I’m A Small Human Being
Will You Come And Will You Find Me Please!

Ever Expanding And Ever Changing Needs
Will You Be Scared If I Grow
Faster Than What You May Know!

Will You Understand And Will You Support
Will You Be My Hand To Hold?
Will You Help Me On The Road Unknown
As Me And My Consciousness Tries To Grow

The Past, Will It Go?
What Are We Here For?

Come Find Me In The Crowd
Can You Hear My Soul Speaking Loud
Can You Listen To It’s Voice And Figure It Out
Can You Understand The Silence As It Shouts?

It’s Trying To Expand
And It’s Trying To Absorb
Will You Come Find Me Or Will You Not?

Will You Feel Weary And Tired
Or You Will Understand And Say It’s Alright
Can You Locate Me?
I’m One Of The Stars Of The Night

It’s My Glow
And I’m Expanding All The Time
I’m A Black Hole
Ready To Explode
And Growing All The While

Trying To Absorb All In
The Void So Big
And We Are Trying To Fill It

Come Find Me!
I’m One Of Many Stars
I’m A Human Being
All Growing And All Absorbing
With Time And Need

Come Find Me Please!

Come Find Me!

Come Find Me!


Written by A.P

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