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Free From The Lies
Fake Smile & Disguise
Now I Can Fly..
Not Bound!
& I Can Deny…

I’m Free Cause Of The Truth..
I Never Understood!
Why Blind Yourself?
With Lies…
Be Pumped Up With Fake Sense Of Pride

Free Cause Of Truth
I Can Fly!
& Everyone Should!

May Be It’s Hard!& It’s Difficult..
It’s Not About Pleasing Everyone
But Doing What Should BE DONE!

Let It Pour Down,
Let It Rain!
It Will Hurt & It Will Pain.
Truth Once Spoken
& It Will Never Be The Same.
Go Ahead & Say It On The Face.

You Will Be Free
You Will Fly
You Are Not Obliged

Spread It!
Spread The Truth..
Set Your Wings Towards The Sky..

Get Out Of The Prison
Do What’s Right
Do What’s Fair..
To Everyone & Yourself
If You Care!!

Speak The Truth
Even If It Hurts Now
In Long Run It Won’t Bring You Down..

Smile, SMILE NOW!!
You Can Do It..
Try It Now!!




Written by A.P

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