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Food For Thought
Think And Give Me All You Got
Are We Really Free?
Or Is It All Just A Plot?

Behind The Curtain
Who Is Controlling Can You Spot?
To Whom Does The World Owes?
Who Controls?

In All The Wars Being Fought
Someone Wins For Sure
Try Locating Them And You Will Know
What Is All This For?
Killing People So They earn More

All The Parties
Financial Advisory
Corporate And Banking Industries
Our Life Being Owned To These

Without We Even Knowing
We Are Pawned In A Scheme
Conspiracy Theories
And We Think We Are Free?

It’s A Mirage
And Freedom Is Just Mere Figure Of Speech
We Live In Debt Based Society
Victim Of Greed

Freedom Is Subject To Perspective
All This Is Make Believe
Reality Being Covered By News
And News Is Controlled And Owned By Whom?

The Ones Who Wants
Control Over Me And You
Manipulating The Stories
Covering And Destroying The Truth

So No One Knows
What They Mean To Do
We Keep Fighting Each Other
Without Any Clue

Food For Thought
Is Freedom Really What We Got?
“Go For Jobs,
Get In Traps Of Debts You Bought,
Follow The Fashion, Obey The Law,
Watch Television And Repeat What You Saw”

Think You Are Free?
It’s Just A Plot!
Food For Thought!

Food For Thought

Food For Thought


Written by A.P

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