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Go Kill Them! Fight!
This Is WAR
No Sense Of Wrong And Right
Your Only Goal Is To Survive!

The Way Wars Are Designed
Either You Kill Or You Die!
Killing In Fear
Manipulated Minds

Choices Are Limited
Mixed With Instinct To Survive
Just Take Your Gun And Shoot Blind
Helping Hand?
No Way That Luxury You Can’t Exercise

And Then If Later You Be Alive!
And Breathing Alright!
We Will Distribute Hollow Medals And Prize
I Dub Thee Sir Knight!

For The Pride
Of The Country
In The Name Of The Christ!
You Took So Many Life!

Or Let’s Call It Holy Sacrifice!
Your Ticket To Light!
Is It A Crime?
You Know It!

But Still Done
Time To Time
With God On Each And Every Side!
Killing For Religion Becomes Justified!

Guns And Gods!
The Unstoppable And Unbeatable Combined!
Of Course No One Will Realize
What A Waste Of Life!

Don’t Ask Why!
Just Be Done With It!
Like Rolling A Dice
And Let Fate Decide!

For What It's Worth!

For What It’s Worth!


Written by A.P

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