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I don’t know exactly what to say!
But whatever I may say will be a waste

You need to be strong & learn to love the hate
Else whatever I will say will be a waste

You make your mind & be determined
That’s how results are reached in life

I might change my words
Might use peppy lines & phrase
Whatever I may say still be the same
End of the day you need to face this phase

People come & go!
That’s how human are made to operate
Made to learn from mistakes

If one cares they don’t betray
They find reasons to stay

Words Changed !
Tone changed!
All trying to make you understand you need to be brave
Don’t let yourself be manipulated by this phase
Just stay focus these days

Pull through it & I know you will!!
If I be a Harry Potter,
Would use the  magic spell!!
To make you forget all you been through
Erase every bad memory  & you never have no clue!!

Just my way of saying might change
All you need to do is be brave

See from someone else eyes & you will see
You ignoring the reality
How long do you wanna cry & weep?!

Let it pass away
You are better in all the ways

May force be with you & I know you will get through!
In the dark,Let the ray of light enter
In all the ways you are better!

May Force Be With You

May Force Be With You


Written by A.P

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