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If I be gone,
Will you be satisfied with your life?
If yes! Then my friend goodbye- goodbye!

If I be gone,
Who will wipe the tear from your eyes?
Things will change in years down the line

I will vanish & Just be a memory!
Just a blur picture, Hanging like a scenery
You pass by it but never bother to look…
Let’s take this picture of the hook!

My dear friend goodbye- goodbye!
I Hope, I made you smile..
Now smash the frame to the ground!!
Burn it to ashes!
Forget about lost & found..

I was there! Now, No more!
Let this life unfold
Go with time & feel satisfied
I will hold you in prayers & My eyes!

Lets see..
How things change
Where we be tomorrow?
I hope we have no sorrows

Just smile, For life,
Your eyes, Don’t hide
Shed tears today
Enjoy the time
Tomorrow a new beginning & Struggle to survive

Goodbye – Goodbye
My friend, My life!
Will meet again..Till then alright!

Happiness is yours not a thing to borrow!
Let just go with time!
No sorrows…




Written by A.P

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