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Look At That Boy
He Is Not From Around!
He’s Playing The Beat
But We Hear No Sound!

Listen To His Rhymes
Seems Like A Clown!
What A Funny Shit
With Fever Are You Coming Down?

Trying To Beat Us
In Our Town!
Let’s Teach Him
Let’s Turn That Grin To Frown!

Freestyle Let’s Turn It Loud!
Crank It Up!
He Signed Up
But Let’s Log Him Out!

Here You Go Boy!
Catch The Mic!
Show Us What You Got
Take Us Into Your Psyche!
So Together We Shall Fly

Waiting To Step Into The Flight!
Psych! Psych! Psych!

Rhyming Schemes
I’m Rolling The Dice!
Let Us See What I Come Up With!
Double Sixes! What A Sight!

I Hit A Jackpot!
I’m Here To Play With Your Mind!
I Will Fight
You Don’t Scare Me!
And I Won’t Lose Sleep!

I’m Not Here To Play Nice!
So What You Are Old In The Game!
My Beats Are Deep And Tight!
When I Sit It All Clicks
I Hit My Target And Don’t Miss!

But Your Story Don’t Fit!
What You Bragging About Seems All Shit!
I’m The One They Call Dis!
Cause I Drag You Down Bitch!

Here Is Your Pink Slip!
Now In Your Town, You Are A Blacklist!
I Don’t Think You Can Beat This!
Eat It!

With Me You Can’t Compete With!
I Can Carry The Weight Around
You Can’t Even Lift It!
All This Is Just Random Mix!

Free Style

Free Style


Written by A.P

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