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What Do You See
In front Of Your Eyes?
A Race To Win
Or Are You Running Just So To Survive!

How Do You Judge Yourself And Your Life?
It’s Hard
Or You Will Do It Alright?
Are You Afraid Of Time!

How It Runs
And No Stop Signs
Are You Waiting For Help
A Ray Of Light

Are You Adamant
To Achieve, To Fight!
Or Are You Clutching Onto Straws
Scared Of The Night!

Are You Going All Out
Fighting With All Your Might!
You See It All Tough
Or A Challenge That Ignites?

How Do You See Your Life?
Tell Me How You See It?
What’s In front Of Your Eyes
Today’s Challenge Or Tomorrow Regrets
Which Side Are You Inclined?

Afraid Of Challenge
You Turn Blind
Or Your Heart Beating So Fast
Still You Want To Try!

Do You Accept The Challenge
Or You Decline?
Tell Me With Or Without Regrets
How You Wish To Die?
What Legacy You Wish To Leave Behind!

‘When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead’

Challenge Accepted?

Challenge Accepted?


Written by A.P

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You Don’t fear the flames..
or the lust of desires..
When you Live in the light..
And your purpose is higher..

The sex and the magic..
Which everyone feels..
Yes it corrupts..
But it also can heal..

While lust was forbidden..
To love is divine..
One is the heart..
The other the mind..

Once it has been squandered..
Used to perverse..
The ancient lores..
Get stuck in reverse.

Lust takes..
Love gives..
So balance the two..
And cross that bridge.

We are Seeking much more,
Than just to explore..
The delights of the nights..
As we walk thru life’s doors..

The drugs and the media have confused them..
Now It’s all about them..
Our jobs to remind you..
To help heal and mend..

So We don’t preach..
Thru our actions we teach..

Son and daughters of the sun..
Children of the light..
not afraid of the darkness..
divine by rite.

Transmuting darkness..
Back into light..
Fear now fears us..
With all of its might..

We will not be silenced..
We do not hide..
We just talk..
And we rarely confide..

Because too many people abuse the ancient wisdom..
For their own use.. For their own gain..
And we want to help them – Not bring others pain

We learnt to protect you from the karmic lore that governs disclosure.
We help you help yourselves.. By limiting the exposure.

It’s love that empowers..
And kindness our way..
More powerful now..
Than the games that “they” play..

They think they can control us..
Or force our hand..
But it’s god that commands us..
And His purpose more grand..

We are The seeds of an ancient breed.
We cannot help but to Honor our creed..

Tempation’s a toy..
On which simple souls feed..
Full filling their needs..
Yes – They are sowing their seeds.
Thus – We have many mixed breeds.

We don’t need protection..
We don’t need to fight..
We are not challenged..
We’re defended by light..

And the angels go with us..
In all that we do..
Keeping us safe..
While we love all of you..

Understand – You’re not in command..
Stop saying you can teach us..
It’s out of our hands..

Free will illudes us..
Our Destinies set..
We may not have wings here..
But Never forget..

We always defend you..
We never look back..
Don’t fear what’s behind us..
Or who might attack..

We’re the light in the tunnel..
The jewel in the crown..
We’re your friends and loved ones..
In all of your home towns..

We walk thru the cities,
With Peace love and joy..
We Inspire the girls.. And Inspire the boys..

Challenge whats normal..
Standards we hold..
We cant change..
We just do what we’re told..

We are the fire..
And We never get burnt..
You don’t need to fear us.
It’s just time that you learnt..

Our frequency higher..
Than lust or desire..
Unconditional love..
Vibrating much – much higher..
We are children of the infinite light..


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