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Everything happens for a reason
So did we!
Not everything is where I wanted..
Where’s the satisfaction I need?
Sometimes makes me dream
What could we have been?!

But now I changed my dream!
I wanna fly high without the wings
Everything happens for a reason
So did we!

The insecurity, The loneliness,
All the emptiness you made me feel..
I know!
I need to work on these!

You came & you left!
All there is pain when I think where was I heading!
Just running
Not knowing where to stop!
When to start!
Just running! No motive, nothing!

Now I feel the breath & the cool breeze!
Reminds me of past!
And Changes I want to see..
I wanna fly without wings!

I wanna own the crowd
I wanna hear them scream
Scream My name till I sleep!

Fly without wings!
High without weed!

I Smile
I know the surround!
I cry
I know whose around!
All I care now is things important to me!
I left behind everything in bag of old memories!

I open it, Just to see
How I changed with needs!
I Love more & more experience!
You set me free!

I’m stronger than you think,
I could ever been!

Fly without wings!
High without weed!

I want people to know who I’m!
I’m the devil you see!
And The pain you feel!
I Will show you what I mean!
I’m Changing
You sure gonna be deceived

I have changed with needs!
You came as per your greed
Now I don’t care for your feelings!

I stayed & stayed up whole night..
Just to make sure you quietly sleep!
There’s limit till I take this shit!

Now for you I don’t feel a thing!
Not gonna bend but
Will make you pray on your knees
You made me feel nasty & sick!

I changed and you won’t believe





Written by A.P

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