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How stupid is Human being!
What exactly does he needs?
If one cares, He won’t want that!
If one doesn’t, He want him bad!
If one leaves, He want him back!
How come other side got greener grass?
What is it mud underneath my feet?

What do we need?
Who is me?
It’s all fucked up!
Money doesn’t give satisfaction I wanna receive!
What is Human dream? What is his vision?

Moon, Venus, mars!
Once he reaches the Sun then he will give up!

Are they working for each other?
Or Filling ones pocket?
Get aside! It’s all about profit!
& No one can stop it!

I got everything but I’m bored..
For entertainment, I want each & everythings control!
I want Power, Money, Fame, Stardom
That country Isn’t listening to me!
Let’s show some bombardment!

How cool! Thousands getting killed for no reason!
I’m at Whitehouse!
Watching Family Guy, Amazing seasons!

I don’t know what I want!
But something is missing
Something in the corner
Is it Osama?
How can I miss him!

We played hide & seek for long!
Finally I got his hold
He was in Pakistan cupboard
Where else could he go?
Man! I’m Bored!
Want something more!

There’s no end to human & Desires he shows
Where else can I go?
What else can I eat?
Miles below  the ocean?
Is there any other type of meat?

Any animal I can slaughter?
Any one I can push around..

I’m big bully! I will make you kiss the ground!
I’m Human & I don’t know me
But want others to see as I see!

Cause there’s nothing like others opinion
They all just mine!
For me everyone is blind!

I don’t mind firing bullets from behind!
I’m Human!
& It’s all Me & Mine!

Fucked Up!

Fucked Up!


Written by A.P

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