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Person who laugh first,
Doesn’t have the last laugh !!
It’s my turn to laugh now!

You think I’m gone nuts?
But actually it’s just my time pass,
Checking if I still have it in me!
Checking 1-2-3,
YA! I can still write fast!

Do I need to think hard to write?
This is from top of my mind!
No, It’s not a show off
Back in game after long halt..
Long Time!!
It’s the best part !

Rhyme- Rhyme- Rhyme!

This is just the warm up
There’s lot left to write
Hold on to the paper
& keep on going left to right!
Write till the ink drains out!
Till find the perfect rhyme!

Write- Write- Write!

Is it going wrong?
It will turn alright!
Oiling needs to be done time to time!

Have been holding lot of stuff
Now back with piece of my mind!
You will get the taste of it!
AHH!!! My Beautiful Pen!
This is life!!
Back in game after long time!
All day I can write!

I like to scream out loud!
If could, I will make my pen shout.

Some of this & Some of that!
Hold on to the feelings,
Let it burn in the back!

Now open the chains
Let it run free!
Make the world turn!!
Where’s the intensity?!

Open the closet & Let skeleton dance all day
Forever I’m gonna stay
Back in the game!!

Back In The Game

Back In The Game


Written by A.P

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