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Trapped In Yesterday
And The Mistakes That Were Made
Don’t We All Learn?
Don’t We All Constantly Change?

Should I Let It Bring Me Down
And Hold Me In The Cage
Gripped With Ball And Chain
Of Thoughts And It’s Weight
How All The Time Is Gone In Waste!

I’m Learning, I Admit To My Mistakes
I Will Change My Ways!
Should I Let It Haunt Me
For Rest Of My Days
Or Is It Okay?

I Should Not Dig My Own Grave!
I Didn’t Know Better
Now I Do..
I Am Learning And Growing With Each Phase
I Am Sorry For All The Delay

From Immature And Naive
To Mature Just To Say
I’m Getting Better
And Experienced Will Be Attached To My Name

Or Should I Just Be Guilty And Ashamed?
I AM!!
But This Ghost Of Past
Will Help Me Take A Better Shape

Today Is The Place
I’m Here And Awake
Those Things Of Past
I Never Tried To Escape

I Promise To Do Better Now On
From Here On Starting Today!
So Tomorrow I Be Ready To Face
The Competition
No More Being Late!

Ghost Of Past

Ghost Of Past


Written by A.P

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