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If You Need Me!
So Do I Need You!
You Know How It Goes
For Tango It Takes Two!

Are We Doing As We Were Suppose To Do?
For My Part
I Will Surely Deliver!
Won’t You Do Yours Too?

I Can Sit And Listen For Hours
And Still Some How Feels Few
It’s Time You Deliver
It Surely Is Due!

But What You Do Is Nothing New!
What Ever It’s..Action Speaks
Words For Me Are Excuse!
And You Are Not Excused!
I Took In As Much As I Can Chew!

I Can’t See It From Your Point Of View!
But Believe Me When I Say It
And It’s True!
YOU!! I Don’t Want To Lose!

But At Times We Have To Choose!
Cause In Give And Take Relationship
You Just Can’t Refuse!
Call Me If You Want
Call Me Rude!

But I Will Do Right Thing To Do
If Not Good!
I Won’t Leave A Friend Out Of Blue!
But I Won’t Stay To Hold A Fuse

For A Relationship Which Is Ticking Towards Doom!
Circuit Is Complete When It’s
Me And You!
Not Just Me
And Not Just You!

Give And Take!

Give And Take!


Written by A.P

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