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Life Is About Conquering Oneself
And Conquer We Shall
If Conquered Own Mind
It Deliver Us World Of Heaven
Else It Brings Us Hell
Until We Learn
And Learn We Shall

True Warrior Is The One Who Conquered Himself
Not Others In A Duel
Not Against Others In Fight
But Found Himself In Darkness
Away From Light

Warrior Is One
Who Without Shredding A Drop Of Blood Or Sacrifice
Learn What Really Need To Be Conquered
Where Does Evil Really Hides

It’s The Ego
And The Word “I”
Fighting With Oneself The Whole Life
The True Warrior Is One Who Wins This Fight

The Fight With Self
And Realized
How Everything Works Alright
No One But Me, Myself
Can Affect My Lifestyle
Only I Have The Right

Or Can Turn Away From True Crime Sight
Which Is War Inside And Not Outside

Fight Against The Odds
War Against The Thoughts
Standing In The Darkness
Eying Towards The Dawn
Is War Against The Gods
And The One Who Wins Is

God of war

God of war


Written by A.P


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