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Going Through Life
Passing Time
No One Knows What To Do And Why!

It’s Seem Hard To Sit Quiet
Surrounded By Noise
Cutting Down Trees
Surrounded With Plastic Toxic Toys

Nature Been Abandoned
And Concrete Thrives
Walls And Computers And Mobiles

What About Flowers, Trees And Sunshine?
Sitting Infront Of Television
Numbing The Mind
Stuffing With Processed Food
How Long A Human Body Will Survive!
Leave The Burger And Exercise

Not At All Thinking
Neither Asking
Nor Questioning
God Knows Why!

Following The Orders
Entered The Race To Survive
Ignoring The Truth
Enjoying The Lies

News Channels And Headlines
How Much It’s Manipulated
Without Examining The Evidence
We Approve, Isn’t It Naive?
Government Means Organized Crime
Should We Trust Government Blind?

What About Books And Libraries?
Hanging Out With Friend
In Real Not Just Online!

Won’t You Go Out And Play?
Won’t You Come And Join?
Following The Fashion
And Even God Don’t Know Why!

Ignoring The Poor
Running To Malls And Non Stop We Buy
I Know It’s Your Money
And You Decide!

But Don’t Confuse Money With Life
It Lies In Experience And Smiles
Don’t Waste It Away Following Things
That Are Been Advertised

God Wants Us To Sit In Silence
And Know The Answer To The “Why?”

God Knows Why!

God Knows Why!


Written by A.P

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