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It Goes Without Saying
Still I’m Here Conveying
How Earth Is Decaying
Will It Be Sustaining?

The Way Humans Are Behaving
It’s Degrading
We Are Losing Faster
Than We Gaining

How Economies Are Breaking
How Weather Is Changing
How Markets Are Shaking
How Corporates Are Faking

How Environment Is Polluted
How Trees Are Uprooted
How Places Are Exploded
With Bombs And Explosive

Each Other We Are Shooting
What Are Humans Doing?
Each Other We Are Fighting
The Situation Is Nail Biting
The Way Humans Are Exploiting

Petrol Is Burning
Heroes Have Turned In
Criminals Dictating
Plastic Is Generated

Chemical And Nuclear Weapons Are Created
Belief Are Played With
Wars Always In Making
Religion Used As Basing

It Goes Without Saying
Horrors We Are Facing
How Human Is Behaving
Is Degrading!

Goes Without Saying

Goes Without Saying


Written by A.P

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