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“Where Do I Stand?”
The Blurring Lines
Lost Sight Of Reality In Your Fight
Sense Of Direction And Time!
Wrong Or Right?

In The Name Of Honor
You Lost Perspective And Sight
Emotions Took Over You And You Crossed The Line
Still Wondering “How And Why?”
Questions And Doubts Eats Away Your Nights

Wondering Is This Me
“Have I Changed
Or The Times
For Pride Did I Just Commit Crime?”

It Was All Approvals And Smile
Now All You Hear Is
Criticism And People Cry
You Never Saw The Blurring Lines

Good, Bad Or Ugly?
Which Is It?
You Still Struggling To Define
When Did I Cross The Line
When Towards Reality I Closed My Eyes

Good, Bad Or Ugly ?

Good, Bad Or Ugly ?


Written by A.P

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