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Get Up Child
Don’t Be Frustrated With Life
It Can’t Get Better Than This
Why Be Pissed?

Enjoy As It Comes
It’s Always Fun!
Keep Your Head Held Up High
You Missing Brightness Of Light
Mystery Dark Of The Night

Don’t Live Too Much Into Thoughts
Only The Present , The Infront Of The Eyes Is Real
Anything Else Is Not!

Absorb As It Comes!
It’s Fun!
Open Your Arms
Open Your Eyes
Good ? Bad ?
Yin And Yang That Completes Our Life!

Do What You Wanna Do!
Walk The Path You Wanna See
Run In Crowded Desert Or
Walk Alone In Empty Beach

The Destination Is Yours To Decide..
It’s You Who Decide Where You Wanna Reach!

This Is Good? And This Is Bad?
Is Just Figure Of Speech..
Let It Be..




Written by A.P

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