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Should I Sing you a lullaby
So you sleep tonite
I Know the hurt behind your eyes
Everyone cries

That’s life
People get strong with time
They learn how to survive

They come to know what’s best
So why cry?
Let time do the rest, Right!

What you been through
& The pain you feel
But I’m not in your shoes
& All the miles you walked
I’m trying to catch up to your speed

Sleep dear,
I promise tomorrow is bright
I can give you helping hand
Don’t you shy!

Sometime we need someone to help us
With situation & time
God is there,
Let him decide

So walk the path
Without looking back
Just remember the time & Your track

Everyone needs hope
& Your smile is hope in darkest of nights
Sleep dear tomorrow is bright!

Moon up in sky
He lies!
He steals light from sun to glitter
Smile twinkle even in day light

So sleep my baby
Everything is alright
I assure you one thing I’m beside

No night will ever be that dark
Friendship never dies
I’m beside, & Hope is your smile!

Sleep peacefully tonite
Good night!


Good Night

Good Night


Written by A.P

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