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Hey There God!
It’s Your Children My Lord

Give Us Strength To Go Through Tough
Give Us Power To Tame Our Mind
Give Us Vision To See What’s Right!
Give Us Peace And Experience With Time!

The Opportunity And Courage To Grab Best Of Life!
No Wars, Just Peace And No Crime
Food And Shelter For Everyone Just Like
The Night And The Day Light

Give Us Joy Of Life..
The Heart Which Pumps Blood
And Never Let Care And Emotions
Run Dry!

Flower And Cactus..
The Water And The Desert,
Give Us What We Deserve

The Smile Which Goes For Miles
Give Us The Life Full Of Surprise

Everyday We Learn Something,
Everyday We Grow Within
Everyday We Fall In Love
Everyday We Recover From The Hurt
Everyday We Are Blessed With New Start
Help Us Make The Best Of What We Got!

Give Us Fuel
To Cover The Distance Unknown
And Let The Burden Go
Help Us Be Free Souls!
Ghost Of Past And Fear Of Future
Never Takes It’s Toll

Power To Be Humane Inside
Evil Intentions And Selfishness
Help Us Sacrifice
Help Us Grow Without This Dark Side

Just Be With Us In Bad Times
And Surely We Gonna Do Just Fine!




Written by A.P

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