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Love is the action that you see
Not the words that people feed
If one say I Love You
How much do it actually means??

It would not be something you have to guess..
But clearly seen
In how does the one treat?
In how many call one is willing to receive ?
Is the person standing next to you in your need?

Don’t just believe words
Believe the actions you see
Words are temporary carried away feelings
Only to deceive

It would be understanding each other
At times going beyond ones comfort level
This is it!
This is the theme….

Not the words
But what you see & feel
Words are make believe

All will be done selflessly
There won’t be I’s
But WE

It would be the person who
Want you to relax & sleep
& Not weep

In the night of your need
Encouraging you all the way to catch all your dreams

May not be best
But effort will say the rest
How much?
More or Less?
How long?
Holding on & Being strong?
Bond- Is it strong or weak?
Does ego comes in everything there is?

How comforting is it?
It’s not always required to speak

Words are only meant to please
Believe in the actions you see

Take it With Grain Of Salt!!
Actions will let you know all!

Love is not what makes you feel depressed
It’s what keep you going forward is all aspects

With Grain Of Salt

With Grain Of Salt


Written by A.P

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