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Thank You All For Being There
Thank You All For Blessing And Prayers
Thank You All For The Gifts I See
I’m Talking About Experience That I Carry With Me

Thank You All For Your Time
Wonderful Surprise!
Cause Of All What Happened Till Now
I Feel The World Is Mine!

Some Came & Left
Some Sticks Around
& Now Called The Bests!
I thank The Bests From My Heart &
All The Rest That’s Now Apart!

You Gave Me What One Could Really Ask For
The Trick To Survive The Life
All The Trick’s Time Played & All The Fights
Today I Smile

I Learned To Laugh At Self
I Learned Failure Is Blessing In Disguise
I Share My Experience

About Journey Name FIGHT
I Thank You All Tonite
Are You Ready To Rumble?
It’s The Fight To Survive!

I Learned Nothing Is Permanent,
Not Even One Self
There’s No Place For Word Like Help
Its Fight And No End!

End Is When?
When One Afraid To Struggle
Life One Big Hurdle
Jump To Dodge The Obstacle

Else Fall On Your Face
Some Bruises And Cuts
Definitely Make You Strong
Don’t  Be Afraid

Learn From What You Did
Learn From People
Learn From Parents
And Can Never Return That Favor

All You Been Through,
No Matter How Rude
It Helps You Be You

I Feel So Glorious &
Into The New Phase I go!

From Riding Cycles To driving Bikes
From Having Fun To Faking Smile
I Thank You All And This Life

You Learn What You Never Thought Will
You Meet People You Never Knew About
Next Moment Who Knows?
What Goes Around Comes Back Around!

It’s Said History Repeats Itself
All I Learned For Being Yourself
You Need To Express
Don’t Shy Away From Failure
It’s All Been Said Earlier

I Cut This Sweet Cake And I Share!
I Thank You All For Being Here!

I Thank The God For World I See,
For The Emotions I Feel
For The Nights & Day Light
For All the Low & Highs

It’s Not About Being Perfect
But Humanity Never Running Dry

I Thank You All Once Again For The World Of Surprise!!




Written by A.P

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