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We Are The Grenade
We All Waiting To Blow
Ticking In Hands Of Ones Own
And Waiting To Be Thrown

It Burst
Before We May Know
It Pains Inside
Which We Can’t Show
Black Out And Buzzing Tone

Too Late, Too Slow
And It Explodes
Burning Without The Smoke

We All Consumed By Something
And In Return It Consume Us Whole
Leaves Us In State Of Oblivion
That Something At Times
Hard To Let Go

We Have To Understand
Cause- Off It Goes
And It Kills Our Time, Inside
And Our Soul
That Explosion Creates A Hole

We All Are Grenades
Ticking In Our Brains
In Our Way
Filled With Explosive
Anger And Rage
And Can’t Wait

Loaded With Loathing And Hate
It Drives Us Insane
And It Gets Hard To Behave

We ticking Away
And The Time Never Waits
Soon It Will Burn
Fire And Blaze
Too Hard To Tame

It Takes It’s Toll On Us
So We Need To Defuse And Change

“You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger.”
― Gautama Buddha




Written by A.P

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