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Are We Really On Our Own?
In This Huge World
Still We Feel Alone
Standing Between People

Feeling There Is Nothing More
Just Our Shadow And Mind
Clotted Thoughts That Holds

Are We Ignoring All
And Living In Our Minds?
Are We Waiting For Things To Change And Shift In Time?
Why Always On The Road To Reason Grey Area We Find?

We Feel But Not Able To Define
Who Are We Inside?
Everything Is Infront Of Eyes
But It All Seem Blocked
And We Feel Suffocated And Blind

Something Just Doesn’t Seem Right
Is It Expectation With Self That Rise?
And Reality Seem To Far Behind
“A Long Shot”
Are We Complicated Or Are We Not?

We Rarely Accept
And Constantly Decline
What Do We Seek And Why?

Why Won’t It Clearly Speak
Yet Mind Tries Hard To Describe
We Won’t Catch It’s Words
Does It Speaks Something- Unheard

It’s Complicated And Blur
Is Life Really Complicated?
Or We Don’t Understand It’s Terms

All We Need Is To Understand Self
But On The Way We Get Mixed Up
And Society Starts To Shape Us
We Should Know When To Say Enough

It’s Not Complicated
It’s Complexion
It’s All About Emotions

Grey Area

Grey Area


Written by A.P

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