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Hope I Can Save You
Hope I Can Save Everyone I Ever Knew
Going Back To Past
Making Way To The New

Sad It May Sound
But The Story Coming Your Way Is True

We Can Just Save Ourselves
We Are Our Only Help
The Last Resort Is Our Hidden Strength
Others Are Support
They Will Come Today So
Tomorrow They Could Go

A Person Makes His Way
And Make You Feel
” He/ She Completes
He/ She What You Need”

That’s A Lie
Falls Expectations Rise
Everything Start To Fall Behind
Denying Yourself The Life
Forgetting Our Soul Is The Prime

No Not With Person
Start To Live In Present Situation
Stop Living In Thoughts
In The Beginning It May Be Good
Eventually It’s Not

We Just Crossing Paths And Passing By
Enlighten Your Soul
It Is Our Life

Take Care Of Yourself
Stop Living In Hurry
Stop Living In Pressure
You Are Your Own Guardian Angel
Live The Present Situation

Someone Out There?
Someone Who Actually Cares?
I Will Give You A Clue!
Go Look Into The Mirror
The Only Person Standing Is You!

Guide Your Mind Toward Good
You Have To Be Strong And Always Should!
Others Feel Empathy And Sympathy
But Your Pain No One Lived And Never Could!

Never Be Handicapped
We Are Alone Together
For Good And Bad

Even If Surrounded By Others
You Are Your Own Guardian Angel

So We Can All Meet In The Middle
To Celebrate The Crooked Life

Guardian Angel Please Smile!

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel


Written by A.P

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